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[2023 EDITION]

This Workshop took place on
Thursday 29 September, 2022 @12pm EDT


BONUS: Futureproof

Download your bonus copy of Futureproof Your Coaching
Business: Get ready For The
Next Business Paradigm

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Futureproof Your Coaching

BONUS: Futureproof

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notes during the workshop.

 Watch The Recording Here…

I want to share with you the outcomes of our latest
research highlighting how business is changing and what
that means for you and your business. In the video I share my unique methodology for growing your business during these disruptive times, and the new transformational business model which is working well for coaches around the world.

Get ready to future-proof your business for purpose,
impact and prosperity for all.

We recommend you watch the video on this page.
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100% of the profits raised from this workshop
supported people in need 

We’re making a direct impact with every transaction that takes place in our business. 100% profits from this workshop has gone to supporting the people and children of the Ukraine, to provide, food, water, shelter and clothing to those who have been negatively impacted by the Russian invasion.

Your support of this workshop is having a direct impact to make our world a better place.

Your Bigger Impact Starts Today!

Your coaching has the potential to invoke change in the
heartbeat of humanity.

As a coach you play an important role in today’s evolving world.

We want to empower you to do your life-changing work by helping you to
build a purpose-driven and profitable business.


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