The other day I received a call from my friend Jo in England.

Here’s what she told me:

“Jayne, it’s just like you said. It’s not about hoping that the right clients will find me or working harder and harder to keep growing at any cost. I get it now.”

This made my day, as it always does, of course.

But more importantly, it validates something I’ve been saying for a long time…

When you master your business, you master your life.

Everything becomes sooooo much easier when you truly incorporate this.

It also means…

  • No more useless trainings (unless you enjoy them, of course)
  • No more stress and anxiety about paying the bills
  • No more worrying if you’re doing the right thing
  • No more working with clients you don’t want
  • No more relying on the doomed strategy of willpower

The truth is you never have to worry about money again.

Don’t Fight a Losing Battle - the Surviving To Thriving Paradox

Here’s how that works…

Everything in nature operates on a feedback loop. In tough times, our DNA triggers survival mechanisms that would have been quite useful 30,000 years ago during a long, cold winter.

Now the GOOD news: Our DNA is also equipped to help us thrive during the good times. Nature has pre-programmed our bodies for summer on the Savanna. This feedback loop is also triggered, and re-triggered, by cues from our lifestyle, environment, and business.

By giving our bodies the right signals on a daily basis, and by taking care of business, we can naturally optimize our energy and live in a cycle of ease.

How you FEEL about your business dictates what you will and won’t do on a daily basis.

Just Surviving
(Feels like a long, cold winter)

  • Minimal sun exposure: it’s winter
  • Hoarding energy: slower metabolism and increased fat storage
  • Low quality foods: Resorting to grains and less nourishing plant foods
  • Depressed mood: Saves energy
  • Reduced sex drive and impaired fertility
  • Selfishness: I need to look out for number one
  • Focused on short-term survival

Totally Thriving
(Feels like a warm, beautiful summer)

  • Abundant sun exposure: it’s summer
  • Wasting energy : increased metabolic rate and relaxed energy
  • Highest quality foods: feasting on delicious prey animals and reproduction
  • Pervasive optimism: the ideal mood for enjoying life, doing what needs to be done, and feeling fulfilled
  • Maximum sex drive, creativity and fertility
  • Teamwork: we all prosper by working together
  • Interested in long-term planning, impact, and prosperity.

So How Do You Break The Vicious Cycle Of The Long Cold Winter?

It’s really simple. We need to give our bodies the signal that it’s summertime on the Savanna and that everything we need to thrive is available in abundance.

The best way to get started is with your money flow. The reason so many of us are stuck in  the vicious cycle is because being in business can feel hard. With this thinking, it’s more likely our business will never satisfy the reward pathway in our brains.

When we are desperately seeking for solutions to survive, our body’s innate intelligence causes us to keep working harder and harder because it believes we are facing extreme scarcity.

Unfortunately, this rarely works.

It’s the mismatch between our modern environment and our DNA that starts us on the path to business failure.

By simply understanding how to get a fast cash injection into our business when we need it, we can satisfy the reward pathway in our brains and provide our bodies with everything they need to survive. And we all know we need money to survive in business.

Let me give you a quick example of this from my own life to bring this home for you…

Back when I first moved to the US, I learned about Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and at the time, I thought it was the only way to connect with my clients, and open the doors of my business for others to work with me.

Every quarter I would launch a new offer to my clients. And it would work financially speaking, BUT they are very intense experiences for both myself and my team, AND also for my clients. I burned through my list in no time. 

The result? I was exhausted. Money rich and time-poor.

People unsubscribed due to the volume of emails delivered in a short period of time. And although the process worked, (we earned great money in a week), it wasn’t sustainable. And I realized I was making it really hard in the longer term for people to work with me. 

I was only “open” when I was ready to sell something, which had to be at the same time as my clients were ready to buy, or we didn’t make sales. I was dictating what was available when, and disempowering my clients in the process.

The truth was I was leaving a lot of money on the table. There were a lot of clients I could have helped if I’d made it easier for my clients to choose when, what, and how they worked with me. They needed ways to work with me that better resonated for them.

For those of you who have done the same things, you know that this isn’t hard to do when a successful mentor has made it work for them.

But let’s flip the script…

…let’s see what happens when, instead of intense launches that open and close, you implement a complete business system. One that utilizes your genius in the longer term where you learn to enjoy business ‘experiments” and you know how to earn fast cash when you need it giving you the confidence and safety to satisfy your brain’s reward pathway so it shuts off your fight or flight survival mechanism.

When you are experimenting in your business, you never fail.

If you can earn fast cash when you need it then it stops the stress.

Do you see the difference?

Now, I’m not saying you have to do all of this at once.

But I am saying that the clients succeeding with my approach to business are operating on what I call the “24/7 Savanna Mindset”.

Never forget that everything we do, or don’t do, in our business gives us an emotional experience.

Every strategy and tactic implemented causes a release of energy and information into your body. Over time, those feelings are affecting your relationship with your business and your clients.

My friend Oscar, is another shining example. He’s in his mid seventies, sharp as a tack, and has an incredible zest for life. He works full-time in his own business, supporting television producers in their late night news promos. He has lots of friends, adult kids, and he loves his work.

That’s what you get when you’re energy is on the “24/7 Savanna Mode”

There’s one more piece of the puzzle I’d like to talk about.

This might be the most important factor of all. That’s because if you don’t get THIS right, then you’ll never give yourself a chance when it was sitting in front of you the whole time.

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