Coaching spelled with blocks

I've noticed over the past year my private client practice has comprised of mostly coaches, speakers and authors who come to coaching because they are not hitting their revenue goals and they don't know how to grow their business to achieve a consistently good level of income.

I've also noticed there are real similarities in why they are having problems so I thought I'd share the 5 things that are blocking their progress, so you can see if the same things are getting in your way…

Man giving speech

1. They are focusing too much on themselves (from their website to social media they talk about themselves, their coaching, and how great they are) 

TRUTH: Clients aren't interested, they want to know you can solve their problems first, then they might listen…

Man holding glasses

2. They aren't solving their clients problems (some don't even know what they are) 

TRUTH: Clients buy solutions to their problems they DON'T buy coaching…

3. They are not communicating the value of the transformation (most don't even attempt this) 

TRUTH: This is not about your process, it's about your clients desired outcome, giving them hope that they CAN achieve this…

4. They don't have a compelling offer (most are selling coaching so they look like everyone else in the market) 

TRUTH: Clients want the BEST solution to their problem, think easiest, fastest, highest quality, sustainable solutions, but what's important is NOT what you think is best it's what your clients think that matters most…

5. They haven't told clients what to do next (no next steps or calls to action) 

TRUTH: Most clients want you to make it really easy for them to do business with you, so tell them what to do next…

So there you have it, five things that keep recurring with my clients that are having issues with consistent income from their coaching business.

What do you think? Do you recognize any of these in your business?

If any are there, I guarrantee that when you overcome them your business fundamentally changes and naturally aligns to what your clients want for themselves (even when they don't really understand what coaching is).

Take some time to consider how you can implement some new strategies in your business.

Jayne Warrilow
CEO Coaches Business School

Founder of Coaches Business School and Sacred Changemakers Podcast