Are you losing sales because your coaching clients can’t understand your value?

What you need is clarity. When you work with us you’ll create a business with a powerful foundation that enables you to be seen, heard and understood in the marketplace.

Your business success begins with you, from your mindset to the energy of your leadership, how you show up to your coaching and business matters. You will overcome any fears, self-doubt and create an internal narrative that supports you into the next iteration of your business.

With individual coaching and the proven Business Accelerator framework, you’ll have new and improved ways to attract, engage and nurture clients so they become lifelong ambassadors of your coaching brand.

Together, we will define a compelling brand, develop aligned systems and take the clear path to your unique success.


  • You have big dreams and want a guide who’s walked the path before to help you find your way
  • You’re stuck in your business and looking to breakthrough the threshold to the next level in the smartest way possible
  • You’re having trouble with technology and working out exactly what would work for you at your stage of business growth
  • You’re going it alone and would love a new set of eyes on your brand, business, technology and positioning
  • You’re having trouble integrating a deep social/spiritual impact with profitable business models
  • You are ready to develop a portfolio of products/programs and multiple income streams for your coaching business
  • You’re struggling with revenue month to month despite having great transformational coaching
  • You’d love some accountability to help you grow at a faster rate to 6 or 7 figures
  • You want to shift your success from offline to broaden your reach and develop a platform of influence online
  • You know you have a lot more to give and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business to make your business dream come true

Simply put, Jayne is brilliant! She has the substance, the class and insight to shift your thinking and change your behaviors forever. My life and business is doing so much better now that I have refocused my vision and followed Jaynes advice. She hs left a brilliant imprint on me and for that I am ever grateful.

Simon T. Bailey


We will craft a unique coaching experience that will align with your unique context, clients and vision for your business.

Coaching can be business growth focused, technology focused or a combination of both.

We will give you the short cuts and insider information to accelerate your growth, inspire you to think bigger and make your business as simple as possible (for you and your clients). We will help you as you create:

  • A clear purpose
  • A compelling brand
  • Business model
  • VIP client experience
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Website and landing pages
  • Internal business systems
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product launches
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Keynote presentations
  • Client Proposals
  • Brochures
  • E-books, articles and blog posts
  • Content marketing
  • And more….


We will listen to your challenges and opportunities. We’ll work together to create your clear path, to identify bottlenecks in your business and eliminate what is not working. Then, we’ll prove fresh insights to clarify your brand, optimize the right technology and grow your business.

Something magical happens in your business when we do this.

You’ll experience it too. The breakthroughs happen before your eyes. You’ll uncover the very soul of your business, and clarify your calling, the work you were meant to do.

And your business to-do list won’t feel like a chore anymore. You’ll be excited to dig in and get things up and running, and we’ll recommend the technology will make your life easier (instead of overwhelming you)

Best of all, you’ll see the results in your revenue. Potential clients will become resonant clients who love you and your coaching, and you love working with them too. You will finally break through that plateau that once felt impossible,  as you realize that at last, your business dream is finally coming true.


  • A substantial return on their coaching investment as clear business strategies translates into more client and more sales
  • More clients who are deeply engaged with their coaching and achieve greater results
  • A clear and compelling brand that leads to more business opportunities opening up
  • Clear, powerful business systems and structures that take the stress of running a business off your shoulders
  • Better use of technology to expand the impact and reach of your coaching
  • Positive, effective client acquisition including easy ways for clients to do business with you
  • Clean and clear marketing messages that gains the attention of your dream clients
  • Resonant leadership that inspires others to their full potential and builds high performing teams
  • An awakening to all that becomes possible in business and in life