The Purpose And Profit Connection For Coaches

11870365 - old man hands holding a green young plant. symbol of spring and ecology conceptThe Purpose And Profit Connection For Coaches

Coaches I wanted to share a message, or maybe it’s a calling… you decide.

It means a lot to me, from my soul to yours, I hope it resonates…

Here’s the thing…

Many of us are living through turmoil and uncertainty right now, and if not personally, we are viscerally aware of those who are. If you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering if you are doing all you can to help.

You may be wondering if you are using your coach certification to fulfil your purpose as a helper, a healer, and a guide.You may be feeling called to action, but at the same time, not sure what you can do.

Perhaps you are already too busy with building your business, the demands of family life, and uncertain about how you can truly help. I understand. And I’m writing this to help you rediscover the true meaning and value of your work in this world.

Coaching is an incredible profession that attracts incredible people – people who have the capability to unlock human potential and get them to achieve extraordinary things.

You became a coach for a reason, and it’s time for you to use your coaching skills to fully live your purpose with a life and a business you love.

As a coach, you have a unique opportunity to influence our world.

You get to help people, transform lives and businesses in ways that you never imagined when you started your coach training. But, not if you are doing coaching in the traditional sense.

Unfortunately, the business model we were taught doesn’t work to create the world we really want to live in. There is a better way.

We have to do something if we want to see change.

Climate change is real. Inequality is real. Mass confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety are real. Some of us are living in fear. Very few are getting the guidance and help they actually need.

Most coaches have a strong desire to make a difference and since you are still reading this, I know that includes you. How can we make that impact in a way that is meaningful? And what is meaningful, anyway?

This is my firm belief: As coaches, we are the facilitators of a new evolution. We can make a difference.

Every single one of us alive on this planet right now are going to be gone by the year 2100, no matter what. At the very latest, if you believe in extreme longevity, 2150. But what we create while we are here, the values we pass on to our children, and through our businesses, those will still be here, so long as the planet makes it.

As a coach, you have the ability to influence how people in your community use their resources to create a better world – one that we can thrive in together, for generations to come.

We are not prepared for a better future.

You can change that.

As a coach your clients look to you for help with changing something… more money, better relationships, or simply making critical decisions around life and business.

Most often, people are not turning to you, merely because they don’t think of you that way. They don’t realize your value. I want to help you change that.

Why you? Because you are smarter than the average bear. You went to coach training school because you love to ask great questions to discover what is and what isn’t working. You can get beneath the surface of conversations to uncover the truth.

You have a strong desire to help people, and you care.

No one ever taught you how to create a sustainable business for yourself one that helps you and your clients to have great lives and businesses. Perhaps you’ve got an intuitive sense of how to do it, but you want to be even more effective.

That’s why we are here.

Yes, we have the foundational training to teach you how to create your coaching business in a new way. But, we take it so much farther than that. We guide you to be the best coach you can be in business and life. That’s how you get to make the biggest impact with your coaching. And that’s why you went to coach training school.

And no, I’m not selling anything here – this is about you and me as coaches, doing what we can to make a difference.

And I’m on a mission to change the way coaches do business.

So I’d love to hear from you, you can connect with me personally at Share what would really help you to leverage your work out into the world in a deep and meaningful way. Tell me, and I’d love to hear your vision for your coaching business, your passions and the transformation you would like to see in our world.

And I have written a book that can help you, it will be released on Kindle next week and will be free for a few days… “The 10 Day Coaches MBA”. If you’d like a copy, then let me know, and I’ll send you a message when it’s ready.

I’m hoping you’ll find a little inspiration within the pages to simply keep going.

If you’re feeling stuck, I want to remind you of the reasons why you became a coach, of why you’re in this incredible profession, to begin with.

The world needs you. Your clients need you.

And I am grateful to know you are making a difference with your work.

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